What are Trigger Points?

Muscle knots are “trigger points” that are small patches of muscle fibres that have super-contracted causing aching and stiffness. These Trigger points can affect the performance of the while muscle when in use. Trigger points spread pain to other areas and can create other trigger points if left unchecked. They seem to be a big part in many common pain problems like neck pain and lower back pain. Minor Trigger points are self-treatable but major trigger point problem need the careful had of a specialist.

What is Trigger Point Therapy?

Trigger Point Therapy is designed to alleviate the source of pain by the cycle of isolated pressure and release around the body. A trigger point is an area that has become tight within muscles tissue that causes sharp pain or a dull ache. In this Trigger point Therapy massage the recipient actively participates with deep breathing as well as identifying location and intensity of pain or discomfort. The benefits of Trigger Point therapy are releasing constricted muscles areas resulting in the alleviation of pain.